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Religious Importance

The presiding Deity of this Thirukkadayur Temple is Shri Amrthalingeswara and the consort is shri Abirami. This place has been praised and sung by the three, Appar Sundarar and Thirugnanasambandar. Thirukkadaiyur is siruated in Nagapattinam district between Mayiladuthurai and Porayar in Tamilnadu. Frequent public transport is available which enables you to reach here and have easy worship at Temple. It is 22 Kms from Mayiladuthurai and 8 Kms from Porayar. It is one of the important temples in the Chola country situated south of Cauvery.

The places which are associated with the prowess and valour- Vira stalam- of Shri Parameshwara are eight and Thirukkadaiyur is important among them. The eight places of rare distinction ascribed to Shri Parameshwara are as follows :

1. Thirukkadaiyur - The place where the Lord of Death was slighted.
2. Thirukandaiyur - The place where Brahma was deprived of one of his heads.
3. Thirukkovilur - The place where Anandakasura was destroyed.
4. Thiruvadhigai - The place from where Tripuram was annihilated.
5. Thirupparaiyur - The place where Dakshags head was clipped.
6. Thiruvirkudi - The place where Jalandasura was destroyed.
7. Vazhuvur - The place where the Elephant was fleeced.
8. Thirukkurakkai - The place where cupid was reduced to ashes.

Shri Amirthalingeswara materialized from the Linga in this Temple to save Markandeya from the Lord of Death and blessed Markandeya forever sixteen years of age and immortality.

Shri Abirami, to adhere to the wordings of Abirami Buttar, her devotee, materialized before him in this temple and brought full moon with dazzling light in the sky on a new moon day at Thirukkadaiyur.

The Abirami Buttar has made the string of 100 verses for the benefit of all and whoever chanted the Antadi with devotion shall attain all prosperity and blessings.

As the Presiding Deity is the Destroyer of the Lord of Death, people who have turned 60, for the good health worship this deity. The ceremonial rites connected with this are UGRARATHA SANTI.

Those who have turned 61 for the welfare of the whole family perform the rites of SASHTIYABTAPURTI.

Those who have turned 70 for the welfare of their generation perform BHIMARATHA SANTI.

Octogenarians get themselves purified and protected by "Sathabhishekam" and "Ayushya Homam"


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